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How to Cycle to Work Without Getting Sweaty

No-one wants to turn up to work hot and sweaty and have to stay like this all day, and this is one of the top reasons why people are put off cycling to work. However, doesn’t have to be like this, here are our top tips for avoiding sweat on your commute to work.

Tip 1

Shower before you leave for work, it may sound daft but it cuts down on sweat build up and it works!

Tip 2

Dresses appropriately, gone are the days of sweaty nylon – there are some brilliant breathable antimicrobial fabrics on the market, essential for keeping you sweat free on your commute. Check out Evans Cycles or Sweaty Betty for inspiration but make sure all clothing is reflective if you are cycling in the dark.

Tip 3

Invest in a lightweight backpack; we love the Cycology Ultra light Backpack for it’s performance and great price. Make sure there is enough room for a spare shirt, if you pack your shirt in a shirtshield not only is it lightweight it’s A4 in size saving valuable room, most importantly you’ll be able to turn up to work with a crease free shirt. Fresh socks are also a must and make sure there is room for a laptop and gadgets if you need them. Do remember to only pack essentials as the lighter the load the less sweat! It’s worth investing a bit of time checking your backpack the night before your commute and weeding out those none essential items.

Tip 4

Go slower! This works well for short commutes and if you have the time decrease the pace at bit. However for those late for work or on a longer commute you probably going to have to travel at a speed where you are going to sweat – see tip 6!

Tip 5

Be prepared at the office; keep a spare pair of office shoes to help lighten the load you need to carry. Store essential wash items if you can, festival or camping wash packs are ideal if you don’t have much room.   Keep a freshly pressed shirt neatly stored in a shirtshield in a desk draw for emergencies.

Tip 6

If you don’t have a shower at the office, and you’re not a fan of a quick wash up in the sink, don’t panic there are lots of brilliant items on the market to help you. Wet wipes are an absolute must for a quick wipe down and with some deodorant, a toothbrush, and dry shampoo you can be good to go with a sweat free look in a matter of minutes.

If you are not a fan of wet wipes then products like Muc-Off Dry Shower are brilliant and quick. Available from Evans Cycling Muc-Off is an innovative new antibacterial body wash formulated for people on the move. It’s formulated to gently kill the odour causing bacteria to keep you clean and fresh when you can’t get to a shower.

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Essential Christmas present ideas list for Commuters

No-one wants to spend time and money choosing Christmas presents that get consigned to the back of a cupboard, so at Shirt Shield HQ we came up with a list of present ideas for commuters, cyclists and globe trotters, we’re sure even the most difficult to buy for will love.


Wrinkle free shirt folder

Shirt Shield

Shirt Shield provides an innovative answer to the age old problem of how to get your spare shirt to work uncreased. Shirt Shield’s clever design means you look smart wherever your journey takes you. Simply place the collar in the holder, wrap your shirt around the plastic design and fold Shirt Shield closed. Slide the A4 Shirt Shield into any bag and away you go – crease free travelling. Essential item for all commuters.

£12.00     shirtshield


3 in 1 Powerbank, Torch and Hand Warmer

The silver 3 in 1 Powerbank, Torch and Hand Warmer is a multi-functional device that would make a great gift for any gadget lover. Simply click your way through the different functions and enjoy its various uses.

Designed to work universally on any phone, the Energy Tube has a high-powered Samsung battery inside which will fully charge an iPhone 5 in approximately 90 minutes. The LED torch will give out around 50 hours of light, whilst the hand warmer will provide 4-5 hours of heat. The gadget has a USB and micro USB port at the bottom for easy recharging.

£17.99 iwantoneofthose




 ICEdot Crash Sensor

The ICEdot Crash Sensor mounts to any helmet and detects critical impacts that may leave you incapacitated. It pairs with a companion app running on your smart phone over Low Energy Bluetooth.
When it detects critical forces the Crash Sensor triggers your phone to sound an alarm and if not disabled alert your pre-specified emergency contacts over SMS text message and include a link to your current GPS coordinates if available. Phone types currently supported: iPhone 4S or 5 (BLE 4.0 Required) Android version coming soon.




 Icedot Personal Safety Band

With your PIN etched into this silicon bracelet the ICEdot Band can identify you and notify your emergency contacts on the scene.

Comes with a one year ICEdot Premium Membership if you are a current member you can synch an additional PIN to your account and it will add an additional year to your membership.




 Tetris Puzzle Cube

Put your brain to the challenge with the addictive Tetris Puzzle Cube. Its three-dimensional design makes the popular tile-matching game even more mesmerising and brain teasing! Test your own skills as well as fellow work colleagues to see who can solve the cube first.

£9.99 iwantoneofthose



Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensors

If you like to know how fast you’re cycling and pedalling, the Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors clip onto the bike and use Bluetooth or ANT+ to relay the data to a compatible smartphone or cycling computer. With more people using smartphones instead of traditional cycling computers to record rides, and most packing Bluetooth, there are an increasing number of cycling sensors available to provide more data from your ride. They’re compatible with most popular apps like Strava and Map My Ride. It’s weatherproof, small with a low drag profile, and comes with a rubber band and zip tie mounts.

£49.99 wiggle



 Batman Gadget Pen

Inspired by the innovative gadgets of Wayne Enterprises, the Batman Gadget Pen includes a ball-point pen, flat and cross-head screwdriver, ruler, spirit level and smartphone stylus all in one trusty device. Built from anodized aluminium, the pen also has a pocket clip and is a must-have multifunctional gadget for fans of DC Comics and Batman.

£9.99 iwantoneofthose



Fly6 Rear Light/video Camera

The Fly6 is a unique gadget in that it combines a rear light with an integrated video camera, so you can film while you’re riding. Why might you want to film what’s behind you? The inventors came at the idea from a safety angle, and reckon other road users behave differently if they know they’re being filmed. It films at 1280×720 resolution, the light outputs 30 Lumens with three modes and four dimming options, and lasts for up to 6 hours.

£99 wiggle



Powermonkey eXplorer

As the need for off-grid power continues to grow, travellers, adventurers and outdoor professionals alike are looking for more efficient, space-conscious ways in which to charge their devices. With the powermonkey explorer 2,  Powertraveller gives users the ability to generate their own power from a small, compact unit, whatever situation they find themselves in.

The powermonkey explorer 2 is the official power product of the Red Bull X-Alps 2015 – the world’s toughest adventure race and aims to become the flagship of the already award-winning Powertraveller range,  further cementing the brand’s reputation as charger of choice in the outdoor, adventure, aid and military markets.




The Bose Quiet Comfort 20

The Bose Quiet comfort 20 use soft silicone rubber StayHear+ tips that both fill in your ears and grip onto the cartilage that rings your ear canal so that they fit snuggly in place without an invasive fit.

The good thing about these noise cancelling earphones is that while you can reduce surrounding distractions and focus on your music, with the touch of a button, you can activate Aware mode to hear what’s happening around you. There’s also an inline microphone and remote let you switch easily to calls and control of certain functions.

They don’t come cheap but they are by far the best earphones you could ever use for travel. Choose either the QC20 Apple device model or the QC20 Samsung and Android model depending on which device you have.

£259 john lewis 

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Packing For A Business Trip

Commuting overseas or up and down the country for business trips and meetings can be exhausting, so the last thing you want to worry about when you’re travelling vast distances is packing and arriving with creased clothes.

When you’ve only got 30 minutes to do a superman swivel, and get into your suit, it’s important that your shirt is still crease free and that you have all your essentials to smarten up.

For most businessmen the typical business trip combines two wonderful conundrums; having to pack light, and having to pack bulky items such as suits, shoes and all manner of technology, so here’s a few ways to get around this.


The Right Bag

No one even wants to contemplate having to wear the casual trousers and trainers you wore on the flight to your meeting after your suitcase has mysteriously ended up on a flight to Hong Kong without you, so hand luggage is key. In order to make sure you can get by with hand luggage only – make sure it fits your essentials, and is within the measured requirements by your chosen airline.


Pack The Right Stuff

Account for how many days you’re going to be there – you can neatly fit a pack of three Shirt Shields to keep your shirts pressed in your hand luggage as they’re only the size of an A4 sheet of paper – as well as two pairs of smart trousers and a pair of smart shoes to put on for your meetings. If you choose a versatile suit jacket then you can make this work with jeans or more formal trousers.


Saving On Space

If you’re only away for a couple of days then weigh up how much technology you need to have with you. If you can get by with just a tablet and your phone, then don’t overload yourself with taking a laptop too. This way you can still take notes and show presentations. But be sure to take a portable charger so you can power up whenever you need to.


Fuss Free At The Airport

Lots of airlines now allow you to show your booking codes from emails on your phone, so store what you can on your phone so you’re not faffing around with lots of paperwork, folders and diaries taking up valuable bag space!

Shirt Shield_6pp-2final-Sp4Shirt Shield_6pp-2final-Sp

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How To Cycle To Work Not Looking Like A Lycra Nerd

Cycling to work has it’s fair share of obstacles, whether it’s avoiding near death from HGV’s and militant black cabs on the roads – but looking like a walking, talking cyclist enthusiast catalogue when you arrive at your destination needn’t be one of them. Here we’ve put a few tips together on how you can avoid that typical cyclist look when you get to work.

Be Visible Without The Dreaded Day Glo

There are plenty of ways to stay visible without being mistaken for a road repair workman in a high vis vest. Other colours such as bright red or turquoise add a little more style – but make sure they come with reflective panels – especially if cycling in the dark.

Arriving At Work Looking Sharp

For those of you with longer commutes it’s important that your clothes are crease free. If you’ve got an important meeting to attend to, but don’t want to sacrifice your daily exercise then the Shirt Shield is a great tool for keeping your shirt crease free so you look your best – whoever you’re facing that day!

Helmet Hair

One of the biggest obstacles when you arrive at work is the wonderful Friar Tuck style barnet your helmet has fashioned for you – so think ahead and pack a small tub of wax or serum that you can easily pull through your locks to banish helmet hair for the day ahead.

A Good Back Pack

When commuting by bike it’s important you can carry everything you need with ease, so make sure you pack appropriately for the size of your bag. If you need to fit clothes, shoes and a laptop in, then make sure it fits.

Style Needn’t Be Compromised

Style can often go out of the window for even the most fashion conscious the minute they mount a bike, so don’t be afraid to colour co-ordinate your cycling gear, and search for a helmet that not only fits well – but also suits your face shape. That way you can remain stylish from the minute you leave your home to when you arrive at work looking effortlessly turned out.


For more information on Shirt Shield visit

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