No-one wants to turn up to work hot and sweaty and have to stay like this all day, and this is one of the top reasons why people are put off cycling to work. However, doesn’t have to be like this, here are our top tips for avoiding sweat on your commute to work.

Tip 1

Shower before you leave for work, it may sound daft but it cuts down on sweat build up and it works!

Tip 2

Dresses appropriately, gone are the days of sweaty nylon – there are some brilliant breathable antimicrobial fabrics on the market, essential for keeping you sweat free on your commute. Check out Evans Cycles or Sweaty Betty for inspiration but make sure all clothing is reflective if you are cycling in the dark.

Tip 3

Invest in a lightweight backpack; we love the Cycology Ultra light Backpack for it’s performance and great price. Make sure there is enough room for a spare shirt, if you pack your shirt in a shirtshield not only is it lightweight it’s A4 in size saving valuable room, most importantly you’ll be able to turn up to work with a crease free shirt. Fresh socks are also a must and make sure there is room for a laptop and gadgets if you need them. Do remember to only pack essentials as the lighter the load the less sweat! It’s worth investing a bit of time checking your backpack the night before your commute and weeding out those none essential items.

Tip 4

Go slower! This works well for short commutes and if you have the time decrease the pace at bit. However for those late for work or on a longer commute you probably going to have to travel at a speed where you are going to sweat – see tip 6!

Tip 5

Be prepared at the office; keep a spare pair of office shoes to help lighten the load you need to carry. Store essential wash items if you can, festival or camping wash packs are ideal if you don’t have much room.   Keep a freshly pressed shirt neatly stored in a shirtshield in a desk draw for emergencies.

Tip 6

If you don’t have a shower at the office, and you’re not a fan of a quick wash up in the sink, don’t panic there are lots of brilliant items on the market to help you. Wet wipes are an absolute must for a quick wipe down and with some deodorant, a toothbrush, and dry shampoo you can be good to go with a sweat free look in a matter of minutes.

If you are not a fan of wet wipes then products like Muc-Off Dry Shower are brilliant and quick. Available from Evans Cycling Muc-Off is an innovative new antibacterial body wash formulated for people on the move. It’s formulated to gently kill the odour causing bacteria to keep you clean and fresh when you can’t get to a shower.